Connectivity and Network

Stay Connected with Business Broadband

Allow Legal TX to transform your ordinary phone line into a high speed data line that is up to 40x faster than a conventional modem, then dividing them into two separate channels, one for voice and one for data.

Improve customer service and work more efficiently with superfast business broadband giving you a more powerful, permanent internet connection.

Our superfast broadband gives you the opportunity to communicate using the internet more conveniently and at a much faster pace. Our technical knowledge and expertise enables us to tailor your data connection to meet the specific needs of your firm, using the fastest speeds available in your area.



Superfast Broadband
  • Fully featured, high speed broadband
  • Prioritised connectivity for business customers
  • Tailored to match your usage
  • Support, service and reliability

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  • The fastest, high quality internet connection
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Share information instantaneously
  • Quality level of service

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MPLS Network
  • Private network, guaranteed security
  • No more delays in your network
  • Managed network connectivity
  • High upload and download speeds

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WLAN (TX hotspot)
  • Fully optimised Wi-Fi service
  • Equal airtime for multiple users
  • Delivers a seamless service
  • Expanded service coverage

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