Superfast Broadband

State of the art technology ensuring speeds, consistency and productivity. Enjoy superfast broadband speeds, allowing your firm to work smoothly and effectively.

Superfast broadband uses a fibre optic cable to carry the broadband signal for the majority for its journey so you get a much faster service. The combination of fibre and copper allows superfast broadband speeds to be utilised.

Ideal for firms that require high bandwidth at an affordable price. Heavy data usage such as sending and receiving large documents and files, or connecting between sites that use an integrated system.

  • Superfast broadband speeds, even at the busiest times
  • Work smart with consistent high speeds
  • Improves cloud backup and computing
  • Up to 10 times faster than your standard broadband

Our superfast broadband does what it says on the tin. So whatever you business is doing today, you could be doing so much more tomorrow with our prioritised superfast broadband connection.

product breakdown

Ideal for:

Medium size businesses

  • Leased line replacement
  • Homeworkers with online requirements
  • Long term commitment
  • Voice enable service
  • Online documentation
  • File transfer
  • Web, email and surfing
  • Cloud based service

Up to 20MB upload and 80Mb download


20Mb Synchronous