Services & Solutions

Legal TX design all of their products around meeting your requirements.

With the skills and expertise that the team at Legal TX have ensure that whatever operational challenge you are faced with, we will ensure to provide you with the very latest in technology services and solutions for your working environment.


Telephone System Maintenance

Offering maintenance on a wide range of phone system. We will ensure that we protect your business from the unexpected. Your communication system is critical to your business. If something goes wrong, your business could potentially loose thousands of pounds. Find out more.

Care Levels

Our broadband care levels will ensure that your fault is responded in the correct timeframes based on your firm’s needs. Find out more about what care levels are available to you.

Telecommunication Fraud Protection

Cybercrime has become a multibillion pound illegal business that is now four times greater than a credit card fraud, generating masses of income for organised criminals. Ensure you are kept protected.

Business Continuity

Should your company be affected by a disaster or even a simple fault, is could potentially cost your business thousands of pounds.Find out more about putting a disaster recovery plan together.

Backup Broadband

Security and peace of mind are essential. Remember time is money! Don’t let your broadband stop your firm from working. Find out more about our backup broadband service.