Backup Broadband

In the event of a technical issues, it could leave you without broadband, which could cost your business thousands of pounds.

We specialise in customer service, our in house call centre is able to identify the problem that you have and ensure that is dealt with as soon as pos­sible, in order to get your business up and running again.

Security and peace of mind are essential. Remember time is money!

Broadband runs over an analogue line, if there is ever an issue with the line BT Openreach will respond to you depending on what care level you are on.


Care Levels

Standard Care Level

BT Openreach to respond to fault escalation by the end of the next working day.

Fault is fixed when an engineering resource becomes available.

Care Level Two

BT Openreach to respond to fault escalation. This fault is only fixed wen an engineer becomes available.

Enhanced Care

This service is available to customers taking out an additional charge, to ensure an engineer responds the next working day