Telephone System Maintenance


Offering maintenance on a wide range of phone system. We will ensure that we protect your business from the unexpected.

Your communication system is critical to your business. If something goes wrong, your business could potentially loose thousands of pounds. So it is key that you are able to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Legal TX have a range of service care options to make sure you systems are up and running with minimal downtime.


Why do I need Phone System Maintenance?

Do you have a backup plan in place if your phone system goes down?

The reliability of your voice and data network is likely to be a critical success factor for staying in business. With Legal TX Phone Systems Maintenance, you have go peace of mind. Depending on your care level we will ensure that your system is up and running in no time.

Phone System Maintenance is available for all customers who have voice or data products, regardless of whether you purchased via Legal TX.

Our SLA’s are broken down into two main areas:

CATA: a fault effecting 50% or more of the phone system

A typical CATA fault could be a failure of the line card, therefore not allowing any incoming or outgoing calls

CATB: A fault effecting less than 50% of the phone system

A typical CATB could be a faulty phone. In which case a like for like replacement would be sent out.